Milton Washington's, "The Eye of Slickyboy: Afro-Asian Futurism"
Opening Reception, Thurs 9/6, Storytelling & Music, Wed, Sept 9/12 and Closing Reception, Sept 15th, all 3 events run from 6-9pm.  


A fatherless boy: half Black, half Korean. Adopted at the age of 8 by a Black, military family from Texas. This is the world told through his eye...

Writer / Photographer Milton Washington delves into his profoundly harrowing, yet fortunate childhood, exerting his perspective, his eye, to capture the struggles, the truths and triumphs of his life’s journey, through his uniquely emotive and expressionistic, art photography.

Speaking only Hangul up until his adoption, he was then thrust into a new family, culture and language. Carrying the battle scars of isolation as a Black child of Korea, viewed as other and never accepted, Milton then became a Black child of his adopted country, the USA, still (forever) as an “other”.

This project is the love-child born out of the incredible journeys and metamorphoses experienced by the artist, summed up in the exhibition’s title, The Eye of Slickyboy: Afro-Asian Futurism.

Through his artistic, empathetic lens, Milton communicates alienation, love, strength and pride by way of precise, yet natural posing of the subject, deliberate, commanding angles, locations with richly textured backgrounds and architecture, accompanied by deeply contemplated choices of colors, lights and shadows. Through his process, Milton’s photography taps into his subject's Higher Self, capturing their essence within—beauty, joy, fortitude and stately grandeur. His eye moves the subject beyond struggle, into Regal Ascension. 


The Eye of Slickyboy is truly a cultural collision of Milton’s South Korean and West African roots. The photos are in collaboration with innovative, Hanbok designer, Jasmine Shinhyo Park, of The Hanbok US and showcase Korean, and Korean & Black models in traditional Korean formalwear (Hanbok).

In this exhibition, Milton's photography is aspirational and paradoxical. The work conveys beautiful grit, elegance and crudity, vulnerable vulgarity and the pristine posture of nobility draped in fashionable frocks. This is the third project that Milton has produced via his creative house, Slickyboy Studios with artistic, producing partner, Namakula of Agent 99 Reps.

Milton is showing us the future. And the future is Love. The future is Africa. The future is Asia. The future is Fusion. Please enjoy, contemplate and be moved by this proudly presented exhibition, Afro-Asian Futurism. At The Storefront Project, 70 Orchard Street, NYC, (Opening Reception) September 6th - 16th. Featuring a Night of Storytelling & Music on Wed, Sept 12th and Closing Reception, Sept 15th. |

CREDITS: Some of Milton’s award-winning work has been featured in The New York Times, Food & Wine magazine and Frontrunner magazine. He also won The Mayor of NYC’s Photo Contest “#loveNYC” (2012), where his winning piece was projected on Times Square’s Spectacolor HD screen. Recently, Milton photographed a digital campaign for 734 Coffee, a company founded by one of The Lost Boys of Sudan.