2017 was a year of surreal violence -- in both a literal and figurative sense. Violence upon our bodies, our minds and our senses of decency. It was a year in which many things we believed to be true were proven false, the rules vaporized, the momentum reversed, not gradually but viciously, like the recoil from a gun.

It was also a year where the practice of artmaking became a conundrum. The wave of Trumpism and all it drags with it thrust certain themes to the forefront. Making art about a personal journey seemed trivial; making art about our collective journey seemed almost more so.


Outside America confronts this moment of violence, and seizes on the themes of disinformation, masculinity and the dark reality of American exceptionalism. It is a reflection not only of the twisted populism ensnaring our nation, but a more personal reckoning of what it means to be a white American male.