Grafstract by Fumero

The Grafstract is not a genre, it is Fumero’s ism which evolved over decades.

Fumero’s artistic journey began at 4 years old drawing bubble figures that developed into cartoons as a kid, graffiti as a teenager, and the art of the abstracted figure in art school.  At the age of 5, NY subway art made an impression him that would later resurge into his artistic process. By age 13, Fumero began to spray paint tags on walls and his first four color piece was done at age 14.  Graffiti art consumed the next 7 years of his life and when he enrolled as an undergrad student at The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, it led him to the crossroads of a harmonious interaction among line, shape and color to form a unique path of artistic exploration he calls Grafstract.

Grafstract is a term Fumero coined in 2010 to describe the mechanics of FumeroismGrafstract combines graffiti and the artist’s own exaggerated approach to his subjects and his stylization for pure non-objective abstraction.  Fumeroism is rooted in graffiti motifs such as bubbles and bits, as well as the black contours and colorful “wild-style” designs seen in any person, place or thing he illustrates.  His fine art is a combination of sub-divisions bridging the genres of caricature, logo design, cartooning, anatomy and graffiti to form an unorthodox and distinctive visual, thus creating this artist’s own approach known as Fumeroism or Grafstract.

Over the last 11 years, Fumero has been “fumeroizing” New York City streets with “gorilla wallfare” wheat-pasting and painting murals on walls and roll-gates, transforming the barren and lifeless urban landscape into the colors of life.  His impact on NYC street art has been evident as two of his iconic pieces, The Table Series Logo and The Grampa, have resonated among the public since 2006.  The Table Series Logo has engaged a visual dialogue about not only family, but how the table brings family together.  Fumero’s message is, “The family that breaks bread together, stays together”, which suggests that it is crucial for children to grow up in tightknit family circle as they learn to share experiences of their everyday life with each other while eating a meal together. The Grampa represents the artist’s approach to portraiture and figure art which he refers to as “anatomical grafstraction”. Fumero as a contemporary muralist has been a major influence in changing the city into an outdoor gallery and creating “a whole new worldism” in Grampa City.

Fumero has been showing his artwork inside galleries since 2010 in cities such as New York, Chicago and Miami. He started going global in 2012 and began “grafstracting” murals internationally in cities such as Berlin, Copenhagen, London and in countries like Brazil, , Italy and Spain.


With Fumeroism brings quality, originality and integrity which has led Fumero to become one of the premier muralists in NYC, pioneering a new era in post-modern art through hard work and dedication from being on an everyday “New York state of grind”.


Grafstract by Fumero embodies one artist’s evolution through the decades that has literally taken a life long journey that began from Graffiti to Grafstract.