Aug 21 - Opening reception and book signing

  • Aug 23 - Story Telling curated by Amanda Agueda

  • Aug 24 - Closing reception and POP hosted night

Curated by Robert Fernandez AKA (Nova the Wraith) and PV from Polaroids Of People. Twin Flames, the book, and 100 original Twin Flames' Polaroids will be available and on display at The Storefront Project on 70 Orchard st from August 21st-August 25th.

 Artist Statement: How does photography become tangible? A photograph is a time capsule composed with photon light energies, which is framed and created to be shared amongst humanity. Tangibility is the truth of materiality; and a Polaroid is the most honest form of photography.

 Understanding analog is to respect the obsolete nature of technology and learning to create new forms from which consumerism has already made. Moving forward, humans are focusing on creating technology without any waste by recognizing our earthly responsibilities of what we create. By acknowledging civilization 100 years ahead of what technology we are using now. What is necessary? and what is instrumental to our survival and evolution?

For example: Polaroids and VHS were once utilized heavily in the 80's and 90's, where as now these tools are appreciated as an objectified art form in the post-modern state of existence. As the timeline of technology funnels on, these analog tools become an object of novelty and nostalgia. Tangibility and nostalgia are human emotive signifiers for the reach towards primordial forms in the futuristic age of Instagram.