“Future Souvenirs” - Opens May 9th

Artists: Fati Jafri x Annie Spellings

Future Souvenirs is a futuristic souvenir shop, filled with all the tchotchkes you may expect in any city you go to in the world.

However, at Future Souvenirs, these tchotchkes reflect what these cities will look like 50-70 years from now with the effects of climate change.

Future Souvenirs is on a mission to show people our new normal if we continue to purchase and dispose of items like the very tchotchkes featured in our store.



Fati Jafri
Art Direction & Writing

Fati is a conceptual artist based out of NYC with a focus on blending storytelling with visuals across non-conventional mediums, such as textiles, emerging tech, mural painting, and more.

Annie Spellings
Set Design & Fabrication

Annie is an experimental production designer based out of NYC who works with woodworking, set and light design, stick and TIG welding, costuming, and animatronics.