Current Exhibition:  Colin Burns "CULT AWARENESS NETWORK      June 7th to June 24th 2018


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For the past few years, artist Colin Burns has been working on a series of intimate drawings and linocut prints. They are portraits of women derived from found imagery.

The drawings with text follow a simple formula that allow for a variety of styles and aim to create a tension between beauty, gravity and a darkly comic outlook.
Subjects range from movie and television stars, adult film actors, friends and internet acquaintances, Manson girls and cult members.

Separated from their surroundings, they exist in blank landscapes or layered terrains of maps, dots, and unresolved drawing. The text is original, fragments from song lyrics or film dialogue, or snippets from overheard conversation.
All Christopher Walken pieces are a celebration of a long time obsession. 

About the Artist: 
Colin Burns
Born 1966
Attended Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC
Received diploma from School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts
Sang in numerous rock n roll outfits in Boston and New York
Founding member of Goldmine Shithouse
Solo shows in New York City, Salt Lake City, Los Angeles
GMSH shows in New York, Seattle, LA, Berlin, Salt Lake City, San Francisco
Sang in numerous rock n roll outfits in Boston and New York
Lives with wife and kids in Los Angeles

CULT AWARENESS NETWORK runs through June 24th. For press and sales inquiries please contact