Milton Washington, “The Eye of Slickyboy: Afro-Asian Futurism” 

Dates :  Sept 6th-16th  2018 

/ Opening Night Reception, 9/6, 6-9 pm

/ Storytelling Night w/ live music by Monk Washington, 9/12, 6-9 pm

/ Closing Night Reception, 9/15, 6-9 pm


We are at the precipice of an emerging age, a new era where cultures, races and ideologies clash, collide, and mesh, fusing and seeping down to the bone, changing our chemistry forever. Far from a passing fad, it’s a human multi-cultural wave washing over shores across the planet, leaving indelible marks, melting sand castles and creating new caverns of existence, fueling tectonic shifts in ideas, philosophies and relationships. Ways of living, working and understanding are being challenged, turned upside-down, evolving from the chaos of change, forcing deeper connections and understanding, giving birth to new visions and concepts with a fresh perspective on race. This project, this love child born out of these incredible journeys and metamorphoses experienced by the photographer, Milton Washington, can be summed up in it’s title, Afro-Asian Futurism.

Writer / Photographer / Art Director, Milton Washington delves into his profoundly harrowing and yet, fortunate childhood, exerting his perspective, his eye, to capture the struggles, the truths and triumphs of his life’s journey.

As a biracial Korean/West African boy born and raised in South Korea until the age of 8, Milton was then adopted by a Black military family who raised him throughout the States. Speaking only Hangul up until his adoption, he was then thrusted into a new family, culture and language. Carrying the battle scars of isolation as a Black child of Korea and viewed as other and never accepted, Milton became a Black child of his adopted country, the USA, forever as an “other.”

In this exhibition, Milton's photography is aspirational and paradoxical. It captures beautiful grit, elegance and crudity, vulnerable vulgarity and the pristine posture of nobility draped in fashionable frocks.

At its core, Milton's work conveys healing, empowerment and upliftment. His subjects embody those living in challenging, dire, and at times, tragic scenarios and lives resulting in physical and emotional and often, spiritual pain. At its core, his work conveys healing, empowerment and upliftment. His subjects embody those living in challenging, dire, and at times, tragic scenarios and lives resulting in physical and emotional and often, spiritual pain. Through Milton's empathetic and artistic lenses, The Eye of Slickyboy communicates alienation, love, strength and pride by way of precise, yet natural posing of the subject, deliberate, commanding angles, carefully scouted locations with rich, textured backgrounds and architecture, accompanied by deeply contemplated choices of colors, lights and shadows. Through his process, Milton’s photography taps into his subject's Higher Self, capturing their essence within—beauty, joy, stately grandeur. His eye moves the subject beyond struggle, into Regal Ascension

Milton is showing us the Future. And the future is Love. The future is Africa. The future is Asia. The future is Fusion. Please enjoy, contemplate and be moved by this proudly presented exhibition, Afro-Asian Futurism.

-Written by Namakula Nasejje Musoke

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Slickyboy Studios is a creative shop specializing in business growth strategies and execution, writing and photography. Founded solely by Milton Washington, (a South Korean / West African immigrant), the goals of this powerhouse studio are to provide individuals, small businesses and entrepreneurs, the tools, guidance and skills to build their brands and produce results. Whether it be through sales or career coaching, business / branding strategies, and/or with the aid of creative and storytelling input in the areas of photography, writing and production. As a minority business owner, Milton saw the need to level the playing field with essential training and creative guidance in the business world, particularly for female professionals and business owners of color.

Agent 99 Reps is a Consulting, Producing & Management company, with an artistic and strategic business backbone. This collective of professionals have 15+ years of roots and expertise in the worlds of entertainment (film, tv, digital), advertising (commercials, print and digital campaigns, content creation) and business (sales, marketing, strategy and coaching).

Founded by artist / editor / producer, Namakula, a 1st generation Jamaican / Ugandan American, she noticed a deficiency in the communication (and hence, success) between artists and the business world. She sought to bridge this gap by imparting her years of experience in pre-production (writer / producer), production (actor / VO artist) and post (video editor).

As a result of working in several creative capacities (in advertising and the Arts) on high end accounts, such as; Verizon, REI, The MoMA and Smirnoff, with lauded creatives / directors; Spike Lee, Joe Pytka, Matthew Rolston and Theresa Wingert, Namakula was able to build her skill set, talent and reputation-- and pour it into Agent 99. Her mission is to use her expertise and artistic talent to nurture, uplift and collaborate with fellow artists and businesses to create and propagate meaningful, life changing work that influences minds, inspires positive change and heals hearts.

This is the third project that Agent 99 has produced with Slickyboy Studios.