THE STOREFRONT PROJECT.  Art Gallery / Creative Collective

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The Storefront Project's mission is to connect artists influenced by pop culture, celebrity and advertising with the general public via our gallery storefront space the Lower East Side. Our clients range from local LES residents, indie art collectors and friends working for small and big brands (either via ad agencies or for brand direct) .

We are a collective group of art directors, copywriters, filmmakers, editors, producers, visual FX and 2d/3d graphic artists utilizing our gallery space and work space to offer creative solutions for TV and digital content.

Our services include:

- Providing clients with creative offline editing and online finishing resources in a unique setting and environment, located in NYC’s Lower East Side.

- To connect established and unknown artists with the public via our storefront gallery space.

- To connect both established and unknown artists with small and big BRANDS for creative projects.

- To connect established and unknown artists with filmmakers and fx/graphics artists to create hybrid video projects (shorts/long form/gifs/VR).





Gina Pagano 646.319.2220

Bernardo Revilla  917.497.0022