The Storefront Project Announces Bacchus, by Mr. B.

The Storefront Project is excited to announce Bacchus by Mr. B.  The exhibition opens on Thursday, July 20th, 2017

60 installations that span from September 2016 to present day.

Mr. B’s work is a collection of mixed media expressionism fueled by deconstructive technique, but energized by modern reinterpretation. He demands a critique, even in the absence of confidence.  His aesthetic is rooted in the worlds of fashion photography and pin-up modeling.


In one example, he shifts the appropriation of a woman’s cleavage by ripping it from a periodical, scanning it, then plastering it around the city.  Another piece involves the remixing of a 1960s distiller advertisement. The copy is crossed through at different places with dark paint and black marker. The effect is a fragmented chain of iconography at first, but a wider interpretation settles into a linear message questioning masculinity’s true power.


As the protectors of civil discourse, Mr. B encourages us to resist the misinformation wave with a creative toolbox and fine spirits. Strike through.


Born and raised on Governor’s Island, Mr. B is a self-professed military brat of Afro-Peruvian and Polish-Jewish descent. From an early age, he became enamored with metropolitan street life, owing his close proximity and easy access to New York City.


He received his BFA and MFA from the School of Visual Arts, specializing in Photography and Video Installation (BFA –

2013, MFA – 2015).


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