Rohitash Rao


Paintings and hand-made books (and other fun stuff)

First off, let me begin by saying I love my mom.

But let’s face it, there’s a limit to what she finds funny or even acceptable art.

And the majority of my work just doesn’t do it for her.

So instead of fighting it, I’ve embraced it.

I created an entire show full of bad words, nasty jokes, and “unacceptable” humor that my mom will just, well…hate.

BUT…I actually enlisted her to helping create some of the work in this show.

She sewed together over a dozen books, help me paint some backgrounds and even stitched together some homemade cassette tapes (of all the bands that she hates.)

But so she doesn’t feel too uncomfortable in this show, I have a special wall dedicated to her full of work that she will like (which is basically a bunch of paintings of flowers. How can she hate the flowers? They’re just flowers!)