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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Victor Dildy : “Untitled"

The Storefront Project / March 1 - March 19, 2017

The Store Front Project  is pleased to present “ Untitled”, the first solo Exhibition of Victor Dildy Opening on the Evening of Wednesday, March 1, 2017 at 6PM

Victor Dildy is a New York based Artist who refers to himself as a “ citizen of the world". A self-taught image maker and as of recent someone experimenting with short duration films & performance art. Victor uses the structure of the streets as his canvas and the taboo subject matters of life as reference points to build the bridge. (UNTITLED) is a selection of recent Monochrome & Color photo works that depict many of Victor’s familiar subjects,from graffiti filled walls to more intimate portraits of skaters through out the streets of New York and Europe. Photographing mostly in black & white, Victor feels “ color is too distracting at times”  and his choice to make images mostly consisting of black & white allows viewers to focus more on the subject rather than color composition. His newest and first exhibition is a photo essay as he explains,  “I don’t read or write often and rather make images my own version of writing”. “I just use my lens instead of pen to paper.” “I am excited to show at The Storefront Project being it has hosted a tremendous amount of underground artists and serves as a creative space for artists from various backgrounds” 

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The Storefront Project70 Orchard st. New York NY 10002