On View June 27th - July 14th

Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 1 to 6pm.

Virginia Zamora presents: "I’m sweaty, come thru”, a solo show that examines modern day relationships through the artist’s lens as an emotionally unavailable romantic.

Zamora is deeply inspired by the broad spectrum of relationships in her life. In this work, the artist reflects on the journey of negotiating queerness and navigating love that is both platonic and romantic. She explores the tension between the communicative nature of polyamory and the reality of 2019 ghost culture, and the disappointment that can result from knowing what you want. Zamora invites us to feel the rawness of love that simultaneously hurts and heals, and experience the sometimes fun, but often destructive, nature of a broken heart.
This collection of mixed-media portraits marks an exciting return to Zamora’s roots as a painter. She continues to be fascinated by charged micro moments between people, when impulse can catalyze an innocent flirtation into action. The portraits of “I’m sweaty, come thru” distill the bigger picture of a relationship to its essence- they are freeze frames from a story beyond the image that you can almost taste.
Zamora wears a bathing suit when she paints in her Chelsea studio, a trace of her Miami-Cuban heritage, and the perfect uniform for invoking the sticky, liquid, sweaty atmospheres that show up continuously in her work.
Opening reception June 27 with DJ and artist discussion. With continued special events in her two week residency.